Satellite dishes… everywhere

My first article will be about quite a common issue in my country – multiple satellite dishes.

First of all – what’s wrong about satellite dishes? Basically nothing… unless:




does not look wrong enough? Well, for me it does, and for some of housing administrators it’s wrong as well. So they forbid any external installations on the house.

What’s the result? Even worse! Let’s take a look at this picture:



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or even this picture:




TV is still the most common entertainment form in Poland, and It will remain for quite a long time. Most people also live in flats. Moreover, most of them already got used to pay for TV, despite the fact that DVB-T deployment has multiplied terrestial channel availability by 10.


OK, so what’s the right way to get DVB-Sattellite in such situations? Obviously – multiswitches:




300 $ worth box splits the signal from ONE converter to 32 Set Top Boxes. Not enough? It’s possible to extend the installation. Too expensive? Hey, that’s 10$ per STB, which is less then the single converter. What about the dish itself? The cost of cabling remains more or less constant, as You need to connect every flat to the multiswitch. Moreover, You can supply DVB-T signal as well.

And it looks good. You just put the one dish, one aerial on the roof, and it’s enough. Just imagine how good the house above could look if it’s not spoiled by the dishes… And You can use wall sockets.



[ source: ]

Isn’t it cool?

Hey hey, but there are MANY satellites over our heads? And they are different providers?

FALSE! Every major provider in our country just use HotBird @13.0E. Astra @19.2E is unused by polish providers, except TV Trwam, which is currently available over DVB-T. Every receiver needs signal from the same satellite. Otherwise there are multiswitches with multiple satellites available.

That’s the right way. 






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