Is Windows 10 ready yet?

current status (March 2016):


Despite the (rushed) release that took place many months ago, Windows 10 still feels gravely unfinished, compared to the Insider program hype and, more practically, the robustness of Windows 7. Using the beta-level, unpolished and downright unfinished software is a popular argument against Linux. It can be easily said that unfinished software is wrong – that’s why it fits perfectly here. Let’s try and assess how much of a wrong technology Windows 10 still is, by compiling a list of things that should be done with 10 in order not to be a shameful disgrace and an unholy mess. The following list has a form of a “checklist”. If all the criteria are met, Windows 10 could be marked as a “Ready product” that passed any kind of QA. All the bullet points are either obvious or were explicitly announced.

Comments encouraged! We will continue to add significant missing parts of Windows 10, so feedback would be nice. If a features gets implemented, it will get crossed out of this list, but not removed.

  • New Settings App
    • does not collide with the settings from the classic Control Panel
    • is reasonably interchangeable between Control Panel
    • allows extensibility
    • actually works with UAC enabled
      • does not make sharing options disappear with UAC enabled
      • does not have the “this option requires lower UAC level” placeholder
    • deprecates the Control Panel entirely (as announced)
    • deprecates “Optional Features”
  • Edge Web Browser
    • PPAPI Extensibility
    • Windows Authentication
    • Web Notifications
  • Messaging and Skype
    • actually working webcam
    • file transfers
    • Lync bridge
    • deprecates the classic Skype client
    • removes the “get Skype” link
  • TwinUI Modern Apps
    • inter-app drag and drop
    • ability to disable touch
  • Alarms
    • ability to actually wake a computer to ring the alarm (Task Scheduler can do it)
  • Multimedia Apps
    • advanced Media Library
    • automatic playlists
    • Windows Explorer “Play to” feature
    • deprecates Windows Media Player by gaining similar feature set
  • Action Center
    • Shows more information on toasts
    • does not make Bluetooth requests disappear
    • integrates the Bluetooth icon
  • OneDrive placeholders
  • Office Remote that works with Office 2016 (it works on Android!)

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