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Use Seaborn in Nitro apps

v0.2 of the Matplotlib plugin adds support for capturing the pyplot context, which means the Seaborn package works out of the box.

If a figure is not provided to matplotlib_box(), the global matplotlib.pyplot instance is used as the source. This is useful when you're using something like Seaborn, which relies on matplotlib.pyplot, but not optimal when used inside a web app.

pyplot maintains references to the opened figures to make show() work, but this will cause memory leaks unless the figures are properly closed.

Here's the plugin in action:

Seaborn Plugin


# Source: https://seaborn.pydata.org/examples/hexbin_marginals.html

rs = np.random.RandomState(11)
x = rs.gamma(2, size=1000)
y = -.5 * x + rs.normal(size=1000)

sns.jointplot(x=x, y=y, kind="hex", color="#4CB391")

view('Hexbin', matplotlib_box())
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